By using EWIKON valve gate systems an excellent surface quality of parts with barely visible gating points as well as a considerably increased process reliability is achieved. Various designs, tip insert versions and drive options are available. Thus, it is possible to perfectly adapt the valve gate system to your specific application requirements and mould layout. All versions of the HPS III-S and L2X hot runner nozzles are available as valve gate nozzles.

Your advantages when using EWIKON valve gate technology


Highest efficiency and process reliability


Precise valve pin guiding and sealing technology for reduced amount of maintenance


Constantly high gating point quality  


Leading in drive technology, various drive unit versions

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Tip insert versions


Permanent valve pin guide
Valve pin guide in the front area of the nozzle for maximum operational safety and minimum gate wear. The valve pin remains guided during the whole cycle. Ideally suitable for high-volume production moulds in the packaging and medical industry.


Valve pin guide with pre-centering
Pre-centering of valve pin for precise immersion into the gate. For technical resins and optical parts.


Gate exchange insert for enhanced maintainability
Gate exchange inserts facilitate the maintenance of the gate area which is particularly liable to wear. The inserts are made of wear-resistant material. They contain the already machined inner gate contour and are installed directly in the cavity insert. In case of gate wear the gate exchange insert can be replaced easily and there is no need to machine a new cavity insert.

Drive versions

Single drive unit with piston in the clamping plate

  • The compact standard solution.
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic actuation.

Single drive unit placed on the manifold (coupled)

  • Simplified mould layout, no supply bores in the clamping plate required.
  • Pneumatic actuation.

Single drive unit placed on the manifold (screwed-on)

  • Hydraulic or pneumatic actuation.

Valve pin actuation with electric servo motors

  • Valve pin positioning with high precision.
  • Emission-free. Ideally suitable for cleanroom applications in the medical industry.
  • Individual setting of all process parameters with motion CONTROL SD controller.

Joint valve pin actuation with synchronous plate systems

  • All valve pins are fixed in a synchronous plate. Absolutely simultaneous valve pin operation.
  • Actuation by pistons in the clamping plate or by pull & rail mechanism.

Option: Overload safety device

  • Prevents valve pin damage, e.g. when a single gate is blocked by impurities in the melt.

Controllers for valve gate systems

motion CONTROL SD touch screen controller for linear servo motor (single drives)

  • Precise control of linear servo motors as single drives.
  • Comfortable and easy-to-learn operation via touch screen display.
  • Individual setting of all relevant process parameters for up to 16 linear servo motors.
  • Function for sequential gating.
  • Easy realisation of complex movement profiles of the valve pin with function to approach up to 6 valve pin positions within one moulding cycle.
  • Extensive connectivity, remote control access possible (tablet PC and VNC viewer).

motion CONTROL SD touch screen controller for linear servo motor (synchronous plate systems)

  • Precise control of linear servo motors for synchronous plate systems.
  • Permanent monitoring of the valve pin position.
  • Individual adaption to different applications.
  • Remote control access by using a tablet PC and VNC viewer.

motion CONTROL PD touch screen controller for sequential gating

  • Precise control of the valve pin position when gating sequentially.
  • Operation of up to 12 drive units at the same time.
  • Available for systems with hydraulic or pneumatic operation.