EWIKON services

Our hot runner professionals support every step of your mould project from the determination of the application specifications, the selection and design of the appropriate hot runner solution to system start-up and after sales support.


Moldflow analyses

For optimised filling of parts considering melt flow profiles, flow lines, air entrapments and pressure requirement. Determination of gating points and calculation of system balance.


Rheological design of the hot runner system

Calculation of pressure drop, shear rate and residence time.

Technical support

Technical centre for pre-production tests of customer moulds, material trials with EWIKON test moulds, assistance for system installation and mould start-up as well as troubleshooting and maintenance work.


  • Hot runner sector: 4 injection moulding machines (500 to 1600 Mpa) 
  • Cold runner sector: 1 injection moulding machine for LSR processing (1000 Mpa)

DIGITAL SERVICE SUPPORT - Online technical support

Do you need assistance for the installation of hot runner components, for maintenance and repair work or for setting the optimum process parameters? Let us have a look! Thanks to our DIGITAL SERVICE SUPPORT, our experienced application engineers look over your shoulder virtually and guide you live and in real time to the solution. Especially smaller technical problems and questions can be solved quickly, efficiently and with a minimum expenditure of time. Any spare parts you may need can be ordered immediately and shipped to you promptly. For further questions, several participants can also be connected. In many cases, DIGITAL SERVICE SUPPORT makes the on-site visit of an application engineer with the associated time-consuming appointment arrangements superfluous - a great advantage, especially in times of social distancing.

It is as simple as that:

All you need is a mobile device (smartphone, tablet or notebook) with camera and Internet access. The DIGITAL SERVICE SUPPORT works browser-based via Microsoft Teams. No software installation is required. Simply contact your local EWIKON subsidiary or agent by phone or our application engineering department (  awt@ewikon.com). You will then receive a link by e-mail. The registration is done via your web browser. Once the audio-visual connection has been established, simply activate your camera and our service technicians will see what you see, can examine problems and accompany you step by step on the way to the solution.

3D CAD parts library

Direct interfaces to most CAD systems.

 Directly to the 3D-CAD area

Service points