The pro EDGE VG side valve gate system sets new standards for direct side gating. In addition to maximum gate quality and extended gating options, the system offers unrivalled ease of maintenance. The high level of convenience already offered by the open versions for side gating has been consistently maintained in the valve gate solution.

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Your advantages when using pro EDGE VG


Unique ease of maintenance. All wear parts (valve pin, valve pin guide, valve pin seal) can be replaced as a single assembly.


Process reliability with maximum gate quality. Direct side gating combined with valve gate perfection. For processing of standard materials (polyolefins) and soft materials (TPE).


Extended gating options. Gating possible on even the smallest side surfaces.


Compact mould design and simple mould assembly. Space-saving drive mechanism enables a very low mould height. Mould inserts do not have to be split for the installation of the nozzle, resulting in greater mould stability and simplified cooling. 

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High-precision valve pin actuation

The high-precision and absolutely synchronous actuation of the valve pins is performed by a linear servomotor of the latest generation with powerful motion CONTROL SD control technology. The valve pin stroke and opening speed are infinitely variable and can be perfectly customised to the process requirements. 


Extended gating options

With pro EDGE VG, gating can also be carried out on geometries where side gating was previously not possible due to insufficient shear surfaces. In general, an area corresponding to the gate diameter of the valve pin is sufficient.