COOLSHOT – The high-performance cold runner system for the processing of LSR

The EWIKON COOLSHOT cold runner system allows the reliable and efficient processing of all types of LSR.

As a key technology the system features the technologically leading EWIKON electric drive valve gate system which already has been successfully used for years in hot runner applications worldwide. When processing LSR the electric step motors used allow the positioning of the valve pins with high precision in steps of 0.01 mm and thus a perfect fine-balancing of the cavity filling. Since no manual adjustment of the valve pin length is required the expenditure of time for system setup and re-adjustments during production is considerably reduced. Furthermore, the advanced control technology allows permanent monitoring and automatic adjustment of the valve pin positions by using encoders. The touch screen panel offers a comfortable operation of the system and also features remote control access by using a tablet PC (iOS, Android, Windows) with VNC viewer. Optionally a heated separator plate with powerful coil heater and separate temperature control for each cavity is available. The COOLSHOT system is delivered as complete cold half with pre-installed cold runner system, cooling and complete electric wiring and can be easily integrated into the mould.

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