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Micro-manifold technology for high-cavitation moulds

The EWIKON micro-manifold technology is a new standardised solution for the efficient large scale production of polyolefine parts with small shot weights in moulds with an extremely high number of cavities. Target branches are the packaging and medical industry.

The balanced micro-manifolds feature four screwed-in heat conductive tip inserts each and are fed by a main manifold on a second level. Four gates only require one heating circuit. This reduces the expenditure for control technology as well as the amount of cables. Thus, considerably less space in the manifold frame plate is needed for wiring of the system. Since a part of this space can be used to integrate additional support sleeves or domes into the plate, mould designs with micro-manifold technology are not only more compact but also clearly more stable when compared with conventional multi-cavity mould layouts. Another advantage is the service-friendly system design. The tip inserts can be exchanged easily after removing the contour plate without the need to dismantle the manifold system.

EWIKON offers complete hot halves with micro-manifold technology as 16, 32, 64, 96, 128 and 192-drop versions with standardised dimensions.



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