smart CONTROL collects, monitors, analyses and logs the data of the entire injection moulding production cell and also integrates the hot runner system and the related control technology into the networked injection moulding process. This enables transparent, efficient and safe processes as well as simplified process optimisation and quality monitoring.


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The digital future for your mould


Permanent collection and logging of all relevant process data
related to the injection moulding production cell including the hot runner system.


Assistance functions for optimum process transparency
Easy data analysis with status visualisation.


Completely integrateable into the networked injection moulding production
Communication with machine, hot runner, peripherals and higher-level software systems via OPC UA and REST API.


Unique Virtual Rheology function for the hot runner system
Live simulation of the melt flow with real-time calculation of shear rates and residence time.


Comfortable data access and permanent data backup
Browser-based user interface for user-friendly visualisation of data. Worldwide availability. Secure access via mobile devices without additional software installation.


Easy integration into company networks via Ethernet interface


Simplified service by remote diagnosis

Virtual Rheology

The optionally integrable Virtual Rheology function for the hot runner system enables live simulation of the shear rates and the residence time based on the material and geometry data stored in the system as well as the hot runner temperatures and injection parameters of the injection moulding machine recorded for the current shot. This offers the possibility of targeted process optimisation, especially when processing shear-sensitive or residence time-critical materials, and thus guarantees optimum part quality.


Clear visualization of the data

The browser-based user interface allows the clear display and evaluation of all recorded data of the hot runner system, the injection moulding machine, the mould and other peripheral devices. The dashboard with integrated productivity display and the most important temperature data of the system components provides information on the current system performance at a glance. Detailed information can be called up at further levels.

Available versions

smart CONTROL as an integral part of a hot half or a Drop-In system (integrated in the wiring box) for monitoring of the injection moulding process over the entire life cycle of the mould.

smart CONTROL as compact unit for mounting directly on the injection moulding machine for flexible use in injection moulding production cells. Monitoring of different moulds possible.