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HPS III-S3 nozzle

The slim nozzle for direct gating of parts in multi-cavity packaging and medical application. Suitable for internal gating, external gating or gating in hard-to-reach areas.

HPS III-S3 nozzle for close cavity spacing

Product features:

  • Lengths: 39 - 189 mm
  • Flow channel Ø: 3 mm
  • Exchangeable tip inserts
  • Front installation for easy access and replacement

HPS III-S3 multi-tip nozzle module

Up to four HPS III-S3 nozzles can be integrated into a multi-tip nozzle module which allows extremely close distances between cavities. The temperature of each nozzle can be controlled separately.

HPS III-MV multi-tip nozzle

Allows vertical multi-gating of up to 6 parts simultaneously with close distances between cavities. Multi-point gating of single parts is possible as well.

Multi-tip nozzle HPS III-MV

Product features:

  • Lengths: 30 - 150 mm
  • Flow channel Ø: 6 mm / 10 mm (inlet channel)
  • Front installation for easy access and replacement

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